Anglomoil Chain Lube is an all purpose lubricant designed to lubricate and protect various chains from corrosion and wear. It is an ideal lubricant for forklift chains, motorcycle chains and any surface that requires a tenacious lubricating film.

Directions For Use

Shake the can for about 1 minute to ensure uniformity of contents. Spray onto the parts to be lubricated. Apply with short even strokes at 25-30cm from surface. For lubrication apply liberally onto the affected parts. To effect maximum penetration and corrosion protection, apply additional coats. Spray periodically as required.


Motorcycle Chains
Forklift Chains
Push Bike Chains
GO-Kart Chains
Chain Saw Chains


Do not spray onto hard surface floors or where there is foot traffic as it may lubricate the floor leading to slippage causing personal injury.


Under normal usage the Anglomoil Chain Lube will provide up to 400 spray applications per 400 gram can. Usage will also be dependent on the duration of the spray.