What are Help Hulls and Hearts?
Hemp hulls are the shell of the hemp heart/seed that remains after the seed has been extracted. During the de-hulling process a certain percent (approx. 20%) of the seed remains, resulting in this blended Hemp Hulls and Hearts product. They are an excellent source of fibre and amino acids, and provide the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6.

Hemp in the human market is fast becoming established as a super food and has been used in food, tea and medicine in China for at least 3000 years.

Why feed Hemp Hulls and Hearts?
Hemp Hulls and Hearts are an excellent source of high quality protein (20%) which supports muscle function, nutrient absorption, and other important body functions.

It also contains a superior amino acid profile with 9 essential amino acids that horses require for protein production. These amino acids are not naturally made by the horse and are vital for a horse’s health especially in regards to the building, fueling and recovery of muscles during exercise.

Hemp Hulls and Hearts contains oil, mostly in the form of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, also Omega 9. Omega 3’s have anti-inflammatory benefits which support joint and immune system function.

The hemp oil also provides a source of Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA). GLA in humans has been linked to supporting hormonal imbalances in females along with improved brain function.

Hemp Hulls and Hearts is low in sugar and starch as well as containing useful levels of digestible fibre (almost 30%), favourable when feeding a high fibre, low sugar and starch diet. It can be fed to all classes of horses including those with grain intolerances or metabolic issues.

Hemp Hulls and Hearts also contains anti-oxidants in the form of Vitamin E as well as Magnesium, Zinc, phosphorus and Calcium. Hemp Hulls and Hearts is a GMO free product, and is Australian grown and processed.

Stance Equitec’s Hemp Hulls and Hearts are chilled for two weeks after packed to increase shelf life and maximise freshness.

Our Hemp Hulls and Hearts are grown, harvested and packaged in Australia.