D&G has formulated its SUPER CALM PELLETS as a cool feed suitable for all pleasure riding and competition horses, e.g. Pony clubs, adult riding clubs, gymkhanas etc.

Feeding requirements will depend on breed, age and sex of horse, plus the quality of pasture/hay and stage of training, intensity of exercise, body condition and metabolism of your horse.

When Super Calm Pellets are part of a horse’s balanced diet, they will improve and maintain their body condition, as all essential nutritional elements will be present in the food.


Bran, pollard, lime, salt formulated premix.

Nutritional Information

(Estimated levels supplied in 1kg)

  • Digestible Energy13.7MJ/kg
  • Crude Protein171.1g/kg
  • Fat Content3.8%

Premium Vitamin and Mineral Premix

  • Lysineg/kg8.0
  • Cobaltmg/kg0.2
  • Calciumg/kg6.8
  • Seleniummg/k0.5
  • Phosphorusg/k5.1
  • Vitamin AIU/kg5673.4
  • Magnesiumg/kg1.6
  • Vitamin DIU/kg1000.0
  • Potassiumg/kg6.1
  • Vitamin EIU/kg185.7
  • Sodiumg/kg6.2
  • Vitamin B1mg/g11.2
  • Chlorideg/kg10.6
  • Vitamin B2mg/kg3.9
  • Sulphurg/kg3.0
  • Vitamin B6mg/kg15.0
  • Ironmg/kg176.6
  • Panthothenatemg/kg24.5
  • Zincmg/kg83.3
  • Vitamin B12ug/kg12.5
  • Coppermg/kg21.2
  • Folic Acidmg/kg3.8
  • Manganesemg/kg73.0
  • Biotinmg/kg0.4
  • Iodinemg/kg0.9

Made in Australia from Australian Ingredients